Kunshan Sanchuan Hi-Tech Fabric Co.,Ltd. was established in 1999. Since the establishment we’re keeping focus on the innovation and integration in technical and high performance fabrics, which are widely used for Outdoor Sportswear, Workwear, Military & Police Uniforms, Bags & Packs, etc.

We’re certified with ISO 9001:2008, Oeko-Tex 100,  We’ve our own in-house lab to test most properties in processing and before delivery to assure the quality meet our customer’s rigid requirements. Our management team is passionate, innovative, result-oriented and powerful in operation. We have 20 years of professional working experience and over 16 years in running technical fabrics. We have already become one of the most competitive suppliers to many European brands.

Overview of products:
Outdoor Sports & Casual Wear
*** Soft Shell Fabrics (TPU, PU, PES, PTFE Membranes Optional)
*** 2-Layer/2.5-Layer Laminated Fabrics (TPU, PU, PES, PTFE Membrane Optional)
*** Stretch Fabrics (Mechanical/Spandex, Woven/Knit)
*** Cordura, High Tenacity Nylon 330D, 500D
*** High Tenacity Polyester 
*** Melange (Woven/Knit, Cationic/Inter-woven)
*** Quick Wicking, UV-Cut, Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Bacteria
*** Breathable Coating ( Micro porous, Hydrophilic)
*** Super Light Fabrics 10D, 15D, 20D (Nylon DTY/FDY/Spandex)
*** Heat Storage (Silver Press)
*** Print (Camouflage, Rotary/ Transfer)

Work Wear & Corporate Wear
*** Hi Vis Fabrics EN20471, ANSI 107 (Polyester, Nylon, T/C)
*** Hi Vis Softshell
*** Cordura 330D, 500D, 700D, 1000D, etc.
*** HT Nylon/ HT Polyester
*** Against Rain EN343
*** Flame Retardant (EN14116, EN11612)
*** Anti-Arc IEC 61482
*** Anti-Static EN1149
*** Against Chemical Liquid EN13034
*** Multi-Norm 4 in 1 EN20471+EN343+EN1149+EN14116
*** Multi-Norm 5 in 1 EN20471+EN343+EN1149+EN14116+EN11034
*** Multi-Norm 7 in 1 EN20471+EN343+EN1149+EN11612+EN14116+EN11034+EN61482

Police & Military Uniforms, Bag & Pack
*** Police Uniforms
*** IRR (Camouflage, Solid Dyed)
*** Camouflage Print with or w/o IRR
*** Cordura with or w/o IRR
*** High Tenacity Nylon/ Polyester
*** Outdoor Sportswear
*** Work Wear, Corporate Wear
*** Safety & Security
*** Military Uniforms, Bags & Packs
*** Governmental Uniforms
*** Policeman Uniforms
*** Down Jackets, Casual Wear


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